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Dj, Producer and Remixer; genres like House, Progressive House, Electro, Trance, Acid Trance, Ambient Clash and make this an excellent proposal dj for music and the Mexican electronic scene since its more than 7 years of career this dj has very good projects and goals achieved.

Presentations mass and other private radio and Internet sessions, distribution of tracks around the world, innovative tracks and remixes give dramatic force as a musician and make the dancefloor move at their pace.

Owner Strawberry Made Records Digital, a company that handles distribution of both domestic and international tracks, also has an integrated booking talent djs recognized particularly oriented and progressive trance scene Mexican.



DJ Straw – Jack

DJ Straw – Everything

DJ Straw – Repeat My Beat

DJ Straw – Selvatika

DJ Straw – In Nueva Delhi

DJ Straw – The Power Of Noise (El Pantera Edit)

DJ Straw – The Power Of Noise

DJ Straw – Deep Ocean

DJ Straw – The Beats

DJ Straw – Baila Feat. Samantha Belatti

DJ Straw – M.A.D.L.A.

DJ Straw – Vallarta

Morning Star- Alone

Morning Star- Anabel’s Theme


- 2010 -

Karlos Kastillo – Boom (DJ Straw Remix)

Willy Sanjuan vs Mochico Feat. Clara Da Costa – Push My Bass (DJ Straw 2010 Remix)

Cesar D’ Constanzzo – M.I.A.U. (DJ Straw Remix)

Intensity Trance – Regresa (DJ Straw Remix)

Robien M – Memories (DJ Straw Remix)

Pascal Sito – Aztecmoon (DJ Straw Remix)

Iris Dee Jay – Give It A Try (DJ Straw Remix)

Danny Martinez – I Dont Call It Love (DJ Straw & Proyect Wall Remix)

J10 – Coral Reefs (Morning Star Chillout Mix)

New World Audio – Battle Your Demons (DJ Straw Remix)

DJ Techzone Feat. Nickel – Compliant (DJ Straw Remix)

Pascal Sito – Aztecmoon (DJ Straw Remix)

Karlos Kastillo – To The Underground (DJ Straw Remix)

- 2009 -

Artur Salizar – Story of a Dreamer (DJ Straw vs Mike Nandez Remix)

Joy Marquez – Sabrosa (DJ Straw Remix)

Artur Salizar – Story of a Dreamer (Victoria Mix By DJ Straw)

Duo Brezze – Unique Moments (Victoria Mix By DJ Straw)

Sasha & Emerson – Scorchio (DJ Straw 2009 Re-Evolution Mix)

Giorgio Brindesi – My Music World (DJ Straw Remix)

DJ Daniel Castillo – My Love & Love (Victoria Mix By DJ Straw)

Dypzon – Looking 4 The True Love EP (Victoria Mix by DJ Straw)

Proyect Wall – Starry Night (DJ Straw Remix)

Giorgio Brindesi & Cesar D’ Constanzzo – Why So Serious (DJ Straw Rework)

Benny Benassi – Satisfaction (DJ Straw 2009 Remix)

- 2008 -

Ricardo Reyna – Hasta Que Salga La Luna (DJ Straw Remix)

Fernando Reyna – Wanna Fuck (DJ Straw Remix)

Ricardo Reyna – Music Keep me Dancin (DJ Straw Remix)

Bsno – One Latino Party (DJ Straw Electro Mix)

Jose Ponce & Carlos Sastre – Steepwise (Victoria Mix By DJ Straw)

Bsno – El Amor Que Siento Por Ti (DJ Straw Remix)

Dypzon – Star Dreamers (Victoria Mix By DJ Straw)

David Guetta – Love Is Gone [Victoria Mix By DJ Straw]

Danny Tenaglia Feat. Celeda – Music Is The Answer (DJ Straw Victoria Mix)

DJ Roberto Bedross Feat. Evelin – Sexy Boy (DJ Straw Remix)

DJ Lapetina Feat. Reberts – Chacals Song (DJ Straw’s Fire Reconstruction Mix)

Jonat Vega Feat. Evelin – My Slave (Victoria Mix By DJ Straw)

- 2007 -

Straw – The Beats (Straw’s Fire Reconstruction Mix)

Rihanna – Don’t Stop The Music (DJ Straw Remix)

Handra – Si Fuese Amor (DJ Straw Remix)

DJ Daniel Castillo Feat. Melisa D – Magic Dance (Straw’s Fire Reconstruction Mix)

DJ Daniel Castillo Feat. Samantha Belatti – Musica y Circuito (Victoria Mix by DJ Straw)

Jeans – Yo no te Pido la Luna (Straw Remix)

Kermit – Ciudad electro (Victoria Mix by DJ Straw)

David Guetta – The World Is Mine (Straw’s 2007 Remix)

DJ Daniel Castillo Feat. Evelin – Yo Soy (Straw’s Fire Reconstruction Mix)

Kermit – Imagina [Victoria Mix By DJ Straw]

Madonna – Ray Of Light (Straw’s 2007 Re-Evolution Mix)

Miss Kittin Vs. Zdar – Profesional Distorition (2007 Vocal Mix By DJ Straw)

- 2006 -

Belanova – Por Ti [Victoria Mix By DJ Straw]

Kermit Feat. Blanca – Euforia [Straw’s Sensation Mix]

Maria Daniela – Miedo (Straw Mix)

Bsno Feat. Samantha Belatti & Roxana – La Noche (Straw’s Fire Reconstruccion Mix)

Gigi Marie – Litle Flame [Victoria Mix By DJ Straw]

Moby – Go (Victoria Mix By DJ Straw)

Bsno – Extrafat [Victoria Mix By DJ Straw]

DJ Sintoma – Walking in the Sky (Straw Dark Light Remix)

Atone – Raices (Victoria Mix By DJ Straw)

Atone – Centro American Beats [Victoria Mix By DJ Straw]

Ricky Flores – Abduction [Victoria Mix By DJ Straw]

Straw – Vallarta (Straw’s Fire Reconstruccion Mix)

Atone – String For The Moment [Victoria Mix by Straw]


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