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Colorado Springs, United States

Dubstep, Progressive House

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StratusFeaR, a Producer/DJ residing in the State of Colorado, is one of the many few who strive to change and make music better. His unique style of fusing dubstep and trance and atmospheric qualities together is want makes him stand out from others. He likes to think of himself as a multi-genre artist, which in return plays out pretty well. His love for Electronic music started back in the early 90’s listening to 2Unlimited, Haddaway, DJ Miko, Fatboy Slim, and the Famous Carl Cox. Then in 2005 when dubstep reach the underground in the States, StratusFeaR grew a liking for this new genre, with its 4/4 beats. His idols/influences were Skream, Benga, Coki, Elmakay. With his passion growing with this new music, he found his calling, so he started producing in the mid of 2010, and soon after started DJing at local events. But his goal is to spread his music across the Globe and achieve his mission!