Storm E Beatport


Music has always been an important part of DJ Storm-E’s life. Ever since she has been old enough to know how to operate a stereo, there has always been a cassette or CD playing. Her first job was working at a music store throughout her high school years. This experience allowed her to learn how diverse music is and enabled Storm-E to appreciate every genre. Storm-E was born and raised in Dallas where music is everywhere but she didn’t start hitting clubs until she was twenty. Storm-E has always been intrigued about the different aspects of deejaying.

It wasn’t until 2001 that she decided that it would be something she would consider trying. After seeing Icey that same year, Storm-E bought her first set of turntables. Although she admits she had no idea what the hell she was doing, her frustration turned into determination and she eventually taught herself how to spin. While checking out Dallas’ breakbeat scene in 2002, Storm-E met The Breakbeat Brothers (DJ Shaolin and DJ Raydar). After getting to know them she saw how gracious they were to the crowd they played for and asked them to critique a CD of hers. That led to guest mixes and appearances at several local Dallas clubs and her first residency at Soul 2 Soul. It was during this time that she became good friends with Shaolin and Raydar and was asked to join their label, 2R Recordings. Being asked to join their crew is a huge compliment to Storm-E because she has such a great respect for there ability and style.

Over the last several years, Storm-E has been fortunate enough to have residencies in several of Dallas’ well known clubs including Soul 2 Soul, Club Aria, Liquid, Euphoria, ECCO Lounge and most recently Club One. Storm-E was also featured as a guest on several radio and internet programs including The Afterparty on 106.7, The Edgeclub on 102.1 w/Uberzone, Scy High Radio, and Radio UTD. In addition to this, Storm-E has been on the same bill as several well-known djs including DJ Irene, DJ Rap, Sharaz, Dieselboy, AK1200, Jackal & Hyde, Dara, AK1200, Dave Ralph, Kid Icarus, Granite & Phunk, DJ Venom, Alex Peace, J-Break, Frankie Bones, Factor-E, Viscious Vic, Uberzone and many others. She has also been added to three additional skilled Dallas DJ crews (Got Groove Ent., Gravity Defiant Alliance, & Antity Ent.)

In the near future, Storm-E plans on collaborating with Raydar and Shaolin and producing/releasing some tracks of her own on the 2R label. Ultimately, she hopes to continue to do what it is that she loves to do….provide entertainment for all of those that have the same passion about music as she does. Years from now, DJ Storm-E hopes to be Dallas’ answer to Baby Anne and DJ Irene.