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Stone & Mistero

the launch now for over 8 years as a DJ team. Your DJ career started in early 2002, the two in a club in their hometown of Magdeburg, where they collected regularly at the weekend the party goers on the dance floor. Legal crystallized quickly became apparent that the two DJs harmonized well with each other and are mutually complementary. The distinctive tech trance sound from Dj Stone and Uplifting Trance by Dj Mistero made sure that the location is always filled with every party and the party people properly for their celebrated sound. From this time the two decided in future to act only in a double.

During this time both still pursued their own projects. Dj Stone produced his own music / remixes and Mistero was drawn to radio stations like Sputnik, where he delivered his regular DJ sets. Yet they never lost their community project from the eyes and their friendly relationship as welded the two DJ team.

In 2007, the leaders of the radio station BassLover to the two guys attention and they were booked as a guest DJ for an event. There, they scored with their one-hour set and started in radio in the same year BassLover still a resident DJ. followed by Elan and full of energy in addition to the activities at the panoply of events in which they next top acts of the DJ scene, for example, Hardy Hard, Tonic & Shandar, 2-4 Grooves, Dj Space Raven, Jay Frog, wimps, and many more you can could provide as proof of Djs. And will continue to deny many events together with MEC events.