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Caracas, Venezuela

House, Trance

Stod Beatport


Carlo MGR a.k.a Stod

Born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1986. His first contact with the music goes back to the age of 8 years, when he begins to take classes of piano and guitar during the primary school. Four years later begins in Venezuela the big influence of the electronic music, bringing new ideas and musical forms which unexisted in the country. With the age of 13 years Carlo MRG a.k.a Stod begins to be interested with the new genre that every time was winning more followers. For the date the ideal target for an ideal party was the use of the movil dj’s, thanks to that he manages to do several friends inside the way and to obtain the new topics of the moment.

For the year 2001, he receives as gift of birthday his first mixer. From this date with only 15 years of age, already he begins to realize his first presentations alive in private parties. In the year 2002, Stod was selected as one of 3 Dj’s in the line up, to present to him in the party of graduation of a private high school of Caracas, filling like that the place and being this one in turn, his first presentation opposite to a public of more than 600 persons.

From this moment he realizes a trip to USA where he has the opportunity to make new friends with people of experience inside the music electronic world. Thanks to those contacts, Stod on proper initiative begins to give his first steps inside the world of the production and creation of electronic topics, principally inside the trance genre. He was as well as finally along with his partner Dj PequalS, at present his best friend, creates for the year 2003 his first 7 demos with creation and proper development; in turn they create their own one producer label called Dollar’s Project, still in full development.

At present Stod had the opportunity to share with big national djs in the best clubs of Caracas, learning increasingly to handle the styles and the pleasures of the people. In the moments one finds like free lance and with a vision to future of creating a proper disc under the production of Dollar’s Project working together with his own crew.

Right now Stod change his style, to play trance music, genre that he always been in love.

Do not forget his name. Stod will be the new generation of dj’s in the international electronic move.