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Stiv O

Berlin, Germany


Dynamik Records, HEAPS, Raubfisch Records
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Visionary, planner and music lover. All these attributes unites in Stivo´s personality as DJ, organizer and the head of Mus-kat Records. Born and grown up in front of the Gates of Berlin in the glorious eighties of a dying Republic, there were the urban influences of the neighbouring new capital, which shaped his musical interest effectively. The visit of numerous parties in the electronic Colleur were, like at many others also, what became the creative desire for an own musical evening organization. Way, business and musical companion was Elex at this time, in that countless gigs what took place in and around the big metropolis, Berlin. Now finally risen up from the ruins of Liquid Area organizers collectives, it is already on its new way to follow as from musical so from organizational aspect. After the study as electronic music producer at the SAE Berlin, the DJ, producer and creative director, Stivo aka Ivo Henning assimilated with deep house and techno minimal music.