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New York cultivated, DJ Stingray has relocated and is already one of the top djs in South Beach. Acquiring his Liberal Arts Degree at the University of Albany, Stingrays’ musical heritage is derived from his father (a musician) and his uncle (also a DJ), both whose presence gave him the tools and foundation to not only follow in their footsteps but also to take it to his own unique direction. His first experience was at the age of 10, learning the fundamental DJ skills from his uncle and duplicated the spins, switches and mixes, and taking it a step further to generate his own grooves and dimensions. A few years later he found himself featured at the most legendary of the local hot spots in the Bronx, including The Devil’s Nest, Red Zone, Webster Hall, and many others. Stingray has shared the spotlight of New York’s world-renown Dj scene with such talents as Larry Levan, Todd Terry, Junior Vasquez, and Little Louie Vega.

Now in South Beach, DJ Stingray has made his own mark on the scene. He is currently working residencies in Miami Beach in clubs such as Blue Lounge, Crobar, Lola, Space, N.V, Rain and other nightclubs. He previously inspired the masses as resident of such South Beach legends as Liquid, V Lounge and Le Cabaret. Stingray’s shows have frequented every club on South Beach and have expanded his horizons to Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia, Toronto, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Aruba, Los Angeles and beyond; if you haven’t experienced him already, you will soon.

In the last year Stingrays shows in Colombia have grown from the clubs to the Convention Centers and have become legendary, with bookings well into 2004. This is a major achievement since the Electronica audience in Colombia is regarded as one of the most educated and up to date on the subject in the world, “they know their Djs!!”.

Stingray is also ensuring that his sound is heard around the world by drumming out tracks for everyone to hear. The list includes “Get up and Go to Work”, on SPF Records (Sounds for People); “The Dance Floor is Now Open”, on Prince Charming Records, and numerous appearances on underground labels and CDs and his latest and biggest hit so far “Las Calles de Cartagena” a song featuring Humberto Pernett from Sony Music Colombia on the vocals and soon to be released in Colombia, Spain and the USA.

2005 promises to take STINGRAY higher, with a brand new record of all original music coming out in Spain on the annis/bonita record label distributed by stereo productions. In 2004 Colombia and the USA, the video of the song “Las Calles de Cartagena” can be seen currently on Telemundo all over South America and in the USA on MUN2 TV and on a3TV in the Miami area,. STINGRAY kicked off the new year in Cartagena as one of the headline Djs on the Ultramar Festival which took place on the 2,3 and 4th of January in Cartagena Colombia, where other great Djs like Mauro Picotto, Marco Carola, Joy Kitikonti, Corvin Dalek and many others played in one of the most exotic cities in the world, he continued to Costa Rica, Salinas, Ecuador and Guatemala as the official Dj of the 1st Playboy tour of South America followed by shows in Bogota, Colombia and April 23 as part of the Ultra Music Festival in Quito, Ecuador.