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Still Going arrived on the scene with the now classic “Still Going Theme”, out in 2007 on DFA Records. Along with its hypnotic flipside, “On and On,” the single captivated listeners with its anthemic energy and quickly became a dance floor staple. With the release of “Spaghetti Circus,” Olivier “Liv” Spencer and Eric “Dunks” Duncan cement their reputation for creating compelling dance music.

This record is two years in the making, time the duo spent churning out a steady stream of remixes for an impressive roster of musicians, including The Presets, Doves, Chk Chk Chk, Crazy P, Force of Nature and Low Motion Disco. They’ve also been busy with their respective DJ projects ­ Dunks with the infamous duo Rub-N-Tug and Liv as one half of dance favorites House of House. On the heels of these numerous endeavors, Still Going have managed to return with a stellar new release.

“Spaghetti Circus,” the title track, pairs rubbery bass with trance-inducing waves of swooning, orchestral keys and dramatic piano. The B-Side, “Untitled Love,” changes the mood, settling comfortably into a space-ious, swaggering mid-tempo groove. Set against these lush backdrops are vocals from Reggie Watts, a singer whose performances both live and on record have established him as an immense talent. Watt’s urgent, rough-hewn voice serves to propel the driving rhythm of “Spaghetti Circus,” while on “Untitled Love,” his soulfully smooth vocals anchor the track’s languid pace.

Other featured performances on this long-awaited 12" are sure to generate even more enthusiasm for its release. Andrew Raposo, formerly of Hercules & Love Affair and now of Jessica 6, Midnight Magic and Tippy Toes, plays bass on both songs. Jason Rabe of Los Angeles-based band VLA contributes guitars to “Spaghetti Circus.” And Tim Lee, founder of noted electronic label Tummy Touch Records, provides additional keys on “Untitled Love.”

Still Going currently split their time touring in support of their latest release and in production for their next 12" and new remix projects.