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Steve Wade

Grand Forks, United States

House, Tech House

DeepLife Records
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Dj Steve Wade has been rocking dance floors across the US for the last 14 years. He got his start in

San Diego where he was mentored by a local record shop owner from Switzerland, Marc (Dj Electric

Sheep). Marc helped him find his sound and taught him the basics of mixing. After a few years of

practicing, Steve’s hard work began to pay off as he had the privilege of sharing the decks with

some of the finest Dj’s on the planet; Richard “Humpty” Vission, Nigel Richards, Terry Mullan, Micro

and Dj Irene to name a few. For several years he was also the Resident Dj at Canes in Mission Beach

for a weekely event called “Club Pulse” and played many other clubs and raves all over San Diego

and Los Angeles during his time in California.