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15 years ago, Steve Stevens made his debuts in the corporate field. He was invited to be the master of ceremony in front of crowds ranging from 1000 to 3000 people, from congresses to important corporate events. A great success followed due to the fact of his thorough knowledge in the field of music: rock, retro, country dance, social dance, Latin and much more!

With a good control of his evenings, never did he hesitate in grabbing the mike and entertaining his clientele in order that all will leave with a feeling so important in his mind: the one of having spent a good time.

Things went so well that in August 2009, the Chill Montreal crossed his path and gave him the chance to express a new musical style, in an all new atmosphere of House Music addicts. This atmosphere, quite like that of an Afterhour allowed him to explore new musical horizons and to discover a new style, closer to what he was seeking to create.

The following months were crucial relating to his career: his style, that some would call “Happy Funky House” progressed in a way to include a new zest: the “House” one! Tribal House, Progressive House and Tech House made him happy as well as his clientèle!

Then came an unexpected offer: a first residence! The Testa Rossa, where he would complement the 5 @ 7 get togethers on the Thursdays and the Fridays. The result was “deep house” music in a lounge with a most enchanting atmosphere.

The Nébula club then offered him the chance to demonstrate his talents in its Daylight events surroundings. His style could then further affirm itself and other openings occurred, like the opportunity to have his music heard at the Aigle Noir and at the popular Bar Le Stud.

His tremendous success at this place has moreover brought him to be at the elm, every Saturday from 22h to 3h15 since 2010, of the Maximum Night Club, which has for mandate to attract the Stereo Afterhour clientele by proposing an explosive house musical atmosphere in a friendly spot like the one they find at their chosen place: the Stereo!

From that day on, it’s one offer after another! Watch the Events Section, in order not to miss any novelties.