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Steve Prior enters the room and the restless crowd is hungry with anticipation— they’ve waited deep into the night for his signature extended set and won’t leave until satisfied. The room is overflowing with scenesters, fashionistas, hipsters, house junkies and people who just love good music.

For Prior, the music isn’t about other DJ’s or outside influences… it’s about crafting the ultimate experience, the defining moments you remember losing yourself to for years to come. He strives for mutual action and reaction in every set, and this approach works beautifully – he is one with the audience, and his audience is one with the music.

He’s from Chicago and known as a ‘Chicago House’ DJ — but Prior chooses to sidestep the hometown connection and create his own name rather than dwell on where he came from. Some may say he’s crazy for not keeping the free association, but Prior took his misfit notoriety and used it to build a powerful base as a daring and innovative DJ in LA.

Prior’s musical dexterity runs deep, from occult drops to natural breaks, but he’s not afraid to touch vocals or shift hard to an unexpected classic. It’s this type of controlled manipulation that keeps his audience demanding more.

Whether he’s playing with DJ’s like Erick Morillo, Oscar G, or Sander Kleinenberg or driving a staggering set at his Avalon Hollywood and Spy Bar (Chicago) residencies, you’ll find that Steve Prior is always right at home with his brand of house music.