Steve H Beatport


Very early Stefan Haider aka Steve H began to get interested in electronic music. As there were a lot of Dj’s and producers among his friends and acquaintances, it became obvious for him to take his way. That’s why he acquired 2 turntables, a mixing desk, a few records and began to practise. The hard job soon began to bear fruit and time and again he got smaller bookings. Later on he was permitted to play in open-plan discos in Upper Austria along with Resident Djs. Slowly he made himself a reputation in whole Upper Austria and he also won some Dj contests.

Apart from his job as a resident he plays bookings in discos and at clubbings in all parts of Austria. He fascinates customers on the dance floor creating a hot atmosphere while cool beats from the fields of ‘Hands up’, ‘House’ and ’Electro’’ along with a really hot MC performance according to the motto ’Don’t stop dancin’.

But again he began to look for a new challenge, and, entering a cooperation with producer Christoph Trcher, he began producing his first single ’Don’t stop dancin’. After many hours in the studio the track was finally completed and will be released on Mental Madness under his stage name ‘Steve H’ Apart from the Club Mix a Nightshifters Remix a Electro Remix and a Verano Remix are also available.

Now he is working on his next single. More Infos soon!