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Who does not secretly dream about performing miraculous deeds as a mysteriously masked super hero at night? Correct, we all do, especially the XY chromosome sex wets his bed at the mere thought.

Well, some of us don`t need skin tight pants and flamboyant capes to fulfill their deepest and most hidden desires, they simply kick ass behind two turntables wearing wild outfits.

The StereoHeroes from good old France are such a unique human specimen out to save the world with their loony antics behind the decks and their banging tracks. Originally contrived as a project to rid the universe of tiresome minimal music, the twosome soon reached out to a constantly growing audience, which appreciated their rambunctious outtake on modern club music.

Finding a perfect home with the louder than hell label Freakz Me Out, the StereoHeroes are about to unleash their latest audacity Exiles on the German based banger electro haven. Three new ear splitting tracks and two mind boggling remixes make this package larger than life. Wild Child, Longshot and Night Hawk are the titles of these exciting new club rockers, which clearly present these boys from their best side. The three hand-picked acts to remix the Exiles EP are the bad boy Frenchy John Lord Fonda from Citizen Records, Blatta & Inesha from Freakz Me Out and American rising star Le Castle Vania from Georgia.

Four Super Heroes for the price of one, a deal not even Super Man or Wonder Woman could turn down.



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