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Stereo Headz

Leiria, Portugal

Tech House, Techno

Big Punch Records, Frenetica, Proto Records
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Stereo Headz is the alter ego of a whole new world of audio and visual possibilities (Luis Norte).

Over the last twelve years Luis Norte has been an active participator on the electronic music community as a DJ, a Producer, a Performer and an Events Agency owner.

Born in Marinha Grande, Leiria in Portugal always has been passionate about music and technology influenced by his father’s record collection and music equipments.

In the late ’80s he often woke up at the middle of the night to go to the front of the radio to record music and make his own mix tapes, and soon he discovered the legendary Jeff Mills and the Detroit Techno sounds.

In the early ’90s Norte became a faithful follower of the electronic culture and at that time he had the opportunity to discover Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson and Richie Hawtin, these are the artists that inspired him to begin his journey as a DJ.

In 2001 Norte started the Hi-Techno division, with the goal to promote the accomplishments of electronic music events, betting in the originality. With these events he had the chance to invite some of the best DJ’s of the world, teasing their public with the best performances that only these artists can provide. Focused on his DJ career from 2001 to 2003, at this time he already had the opportunity to share the stage with great artists such as: Adam Beyer, Redhead, DJ Misjah, Jesus del Campo, Jiggy, A. Paul, and much more.

The natural progression from DJ’ing to music production was very quick, in 2004 he created the LN Technologies, an electronic music production project motivated by the will to state his ideas and influences, the non-stop day and night studio sessions allowed him to acquire knowledge in the field of the music production.

In 2006 Norte started a partnership with DJ/Producer, Mark Anthony and they brought the Stereo Headz alter ego into the light, with the goal to concentrate ideas and bet in the new electronic music tendencies. After their first released began, an intense period of experimentation hours after hours of music production resulted in several records. This period was marked by their participation on Lula’s album “The Underground Sound Of Portugal And Me” on Kult Records (USA) which includes an unreleased re-edit (By KULT’s own Eddie Cumana) of the Underground Sound Of Lisbon Mix of her 1998 debut single “Goosebumps” with NYLX (aka Rui Da Silva, Danny Tenaglia, DJ Vibe) courtesy of Twisted Records and mixes from Rui Da Silva, Carlos Fauvrelle & Jiggy, Carlos Manaça and Kult Of Krameria, all mixes have madness spoken words from the Queen of the Speaker Lula. This long process of maturation in the studio settled the tones direction and ideology for Norte’s next steps.

Continuing his forward progression, 2010 saw Norte bringing his Stereo Headz persona into the stage and introducing many of his studio ideas on his performances.

Nowadays, he is using the new technologies possibilities in the electronic music field in a consequent and creative way. The real-time creation and manipulation of the individual elements plays an important role on his performances. Due to the combination with several software and hardware, his current setup offers to him practically endless possibilities.

Norte’s sound was continuously evolved during his career, always through his Techno roots. His musical style goes from Tech-House to Techno, with Minimal in between. His energetic and vibrant performances are marked by a very personal musical line, the basses are strong and involving, the melodies provide a constant set of pleasant emotions and environments, and the percussion sounds are well defined resulting in exciting rhythms. On the stage his performances together with his joy and interaction skills allows him to exchange emotions with the Party-People.

In the meantime Norte keeps working on the improvement of his music setup because he believes that the evolution of the electronic music equipments let the artist be more creative and bring better performances.