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Stereo For Two is a project founded by Jekke (Joris Bylemans – °1980) and Ryu Hamayoshi (Tim Verhees – °1982).


As a drummer, Joris Bylemans, nickname ‘Jekke’, (“J” is pronounced as ‘J’ack), discovered electronic music at the age of 15. What started from experiments with basic music software to enhanced music equipment and creativity, turned step by step into a more professional sound, evolving his passion and talent into highly potential producing and Dj skills.

His affinity for rhythm, out-of-the-box thinking and his innovative approach to different styles, tones and voices, makes this guy a great artist in many ways. He has played at several clubs / festivals such as Tomorrowland, Café d’Anvers, Locals, Magiq Mirrors, Club 3000, Puntpop, Borderbeats, Club Govio, many underground parties,…


At the age of 14 Tim Verhees started producing and composing material with a basic sound module and a midi piano hooked up to a Roland MC500 sequencer. After he finished conservatory he decided to do three years of Jazz Studio in Antwerp (Belgium). A few years later, Tim produced several clubtracks for the Cherry Moon label under the name of ‘DJ Bassett’ and ‘Tonic’.

In 2011 he started different projects for releasing different styles of music: Over 20 new tracks were released on the famous USA IMPORT MUSIC Label and a first EP of Tim’s new project “Dubmask” was released on the well-known Morse Record label. Beat Bang Blasters, Muted Gap and Ryu Hamayoshi are the most promising new projects released!


2012 Started great! Joris Bylemans (aka. Jekke) and Tim Verhees (aka. Ryu Hamayoshi) joined forces and created Stereo For Two. A few days after the news was brought to the audience, Bhotradio asked them to do a radio show every friday evening: The Stereo For Two Radio Show was born!

Straightforward, no-nonsense, provoking, inspiring, distinctive, adjective are

characteristics that best describe their music.



- Facebook fanpage: reached +1000 fans

- Youtube channel: reached +290000 video views/plays

- Twitter Followers: reached +2500 fans +500 DJ fans

- Mixcloud page: reached +600 DJ fans

- Own website : reached +20000 hits in 3 months

- Stereo For Two has it’s own DJ-profile on beatport:


Shelving Music, Doppelgaenger, Spring Tube Limited, Midnight Mood Recordings, 425 Records, Balkan Connection Tech, Bequem Digital, Bembe Recordings, Usa Import Music, Basic Groove, Neglected Grooves, Morse Records, Picche Records, and more …


Buscemi, Sven Van Hees, Alexandro Tachyani, Marc Pollen, Juan Lombardo, Mylan, Beat Bang Blasters, Muted Gap, Amol Reon, Wang, Farfan, Luis Armando, Max Cue, and more …


Café d’Anvers, Falcon Playa, Tomorrowland, Locals, Magiq Mirrors, Club 3000, Puntpop, Borderbeats, and many more…