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Stereo De Luxe

Berlin, Germany

Breaks, Electro House

Freshly Squeezed Music
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For over a decade Kassi, our man behind the turntables, has been touring the international club-circuit. He can look back on a string of releases he recorded together with Tom Krimi as a DJ- and producer team named Stereo de Luxe. Their records were released on Bungalow, Plastic Raygun, Howlin’, Escalator and others

Now Berlin€™s own Kassi Wolf takes off again this time under the pseudonym Electric Airline. The new moniker is not only a new DJ-identity for the man some have called Las Vegas, if it had been born by a woman, but also a nom de plume for an entire live-act.

The DJ-sets and studio-productions of Electric Airline (EA) strictly refuse to be assigned to a specific place on the map of musical styles. For all those of you who need to know precisely what the EA style is like, here’s a hint: The sounds of Electric Airline resonate somewhere between Rock Junk, Electro Funk and Glam Punk or, as the mighty Airline rephrases: Its Electrobeat, Baby.