Once referred to as being on a “strict house diet”. You must not be able to gain weight eating House cuz he’s skinny and on point. Takes his mixing to heart every time he plays guaranteeing a proper set. Stephen P has been munching on various electronic beats since the late 80s but touched the tables for the first time in 1996. Going over to friends’ houses playing whatever they had to mix with. Mostly hip-hop and old soul but definitely all helped him get the understanding of the mix. Early mentors include Spector, Cesar Ramirez, Herman Funkhaus, Mass Transit and Inbum Cho (Avondale Music Society). When spinning out in the club, P emulates the likes of DJ Heather, Mark Farina, Miles Maeda and others from Chicago’s underground loft party days. He aged with the scene and honed his ear and talents as the nights grew into mornings and sweat soaked the dancefloors.

Stephen P has gone on to play many storied parties and venues around the Chicago and Milwaukee in the past 17 years. Most notably being an original resident at I LOVE HOUSE MUSIC WEDNESDAYS @ the NOTE along with Jamie 3:26, Gene Hunt, Brian Gardner and Paul Harris. This was the most successful weekly event in the city for a long time. “People will always talk about the Note!”

Most recently Stephen helped hold down ACIDTEST @ Smartbar with Tyrel Williams, Blue J, Julian Pena and Sevron. A monthly all vinyl event that lasted 5 years.

Chicago is in his heart as well as in his sound and in his house. Stephen’s proud of the music he’s compiled and wants to share it with everyone.

“The best is hearing the hootin and hollerin when you drop a cut! Makes me smile.” -stephen p

Now Beat That Shit!