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A person of various artistic expressions, ranging from the musical sector to the graphical one, Stephan belongs the new music group of young Italian electronic talents. The long way of musical shaping, sound and artistic discovery in his inner nature began by chance in 1997 in a famous club of the province of Vicenza (Italy).

Always opposed to the various musical categories, he was inspired and spurned by the Detroit electronic culture in creating his own musical stile which is frenzy and muffled in djset, technological in liveset. He continuously proposes in Italy an innovative beat, hypnotic and modular nearly to mechanic sound, looking at an illogical future where the senses are holding sway over the logical.

In 1998 he met Joy Kitikonti, an International artist of the worldwide fame under the BXR Media Rec label. This friendship gave Stephan the possibility of extending his field of action. In the years 2000 and 2001 after playing in several different clubs, Stephan become a stable resident at the Boom Club of Vicenza, a very famous club near the town where he lives and where he has the occasion of constantly trying out and proposing his musical tastes.

In the beginning of 2001, Stephan released his first E.P., ‘ZOOL EP’ with Underground, a sub-label of Media Rec. Italy, under supervision of Joy Kitikonti and Mauro Picotto. Till now Stephan was constantly engaged in the development project as an artist and dj with the MATRIX Club (BS) and the SATOSHI SUPERCLUB (PD), as well as a North-East musical referent.

Also during these years he enlarged his experience by playing in many renown Italian clubs like AIDA, NEXUS, LA SIESTA, SONAR, LE GARE, NORDEST, EAST SIDE WORLD, DEMOS CLUB and by participating at the 2003 and 2005 editions of the Street Parade in Bologna. Stephan also made his appearance in other events, together with important guests such as Joy Kitikonti, Mario Più, Gabry asano, Dj Moss (Colombia), SvenVath, Oxia, Farfa, Ralf, Igos S, Bismark, Athos, Cominotto, Zappalà, Kighine, and many others.

In 2005 Stephan together with Joy Kitikonti published a remix of the famous Joy hit ‘Joydontstop’ and participated in a life P.A. tour in Colombia, and under the supervision of the Colombian ‘Kosmoss-Ultramar Festival’ at the BARCELONA 2005 SONAR FESTIVAL as A&D of the new CLIENT-REC Label which was created in co-operation with JOY Kitikonti and Dj Moss (Colombia).

Today Stephan is an artist of the JayVip Agency, engaged with the RedBull Italian Hammer Tour 2005 and as a producer for various labels such as Moovement of Tom Pooks (France), Compose (Hitland newlabel) and Media Rec.