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Stephan Breukers

Haaksbergen, Netherlands

Hard Dance, Hardcore / Hard Techno


Stephan Breukers aka The Creator Of Noise is a Producer/DJ and live act! He’s been making electric music since 1994. He started in 2004 with DJ KOJAK, BANNA, BAKANI & MC FATDOG under the name ANTI EAR DRUM! Stephan Breukers also did solo projects and live acts under the names: DJ STEPHAN B, Tukka Terra, The Creators Of Noise, De Haaksbergse Terrorist, DJ STEF & Bram The Beast, Preacher & The Creator Of Noise, Weule & Stef, HSH Crew, Hactetmans and The Skunk Junk. In 2001 started Stephan Breukers on MP3.COM, He also played at underground hardcore parties & clubs under the name: THE CREATOR OF NOISE. In 1997 he created his first cd-r: Haaksbergen Sounds Hardcore. He has his music on internet: thunderdome, ongekendtalent, legaldownload, BeSonic, IMC, 21 St Century Artists, Vitaminic, Clubcharts, lauwe-shit, partyflock, Tunevault, Mperia, lulu/breukers, earBuzz,, wire, RAVECORE & 1sound and he played on the internet radio: Energie Radio, IMC Radio, and played 2 times for Germany’s Hardest Channel Hannover Radio. Stephan Breukers Play’s his music live at Royalbeats 2003 and at the UBV DJ CONTEST 2004 Utrecht. Did in 2004 by RTV OOST stage. And in 2005 soundtechnique for Radio Hengelo. Play’s in 2005 on parties in France (Paris), Belgium (Gent), Germany (Ochtrup), The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Schijndel, Grootebroek (Wicked Hardcore), Enschede (huis party), Haaksbergen (@dj kojak home base),