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These are just a handful of the reviews the music of Stelios Vassiloudis has received around the world with his releases and remixes over the past 12 months and he has certainly made his mark on the underground house music scene and will continue to do so over the coming years.

Originating from Athens, music would seemingly have always been in his blood tinkering with a piano from the age of 4 before following a succession of musical development with live instruments from guitar through to the bass and on to drums with a little bit of trumpet thrown in for good measure before finally settling with computer software. All of this steadily nurtured his talent before he left to study a degree in Acoustics and Music in the UK, which led to him venturing into the club scene, which dominated the UK in the late 90’s, and immersing himself in the electronic music scene. Drum N’ Bass became his new passion and he quickly went about producing some of his own tracks and setting up a label to act as an outlet for his music. Once he had graduated he returned to Athens and threw himself into the vibrant club scene there and started to pick up DJing as well continuing his production work. It was during this time that he met with other producers on the local scene and so began his friendship with Vangelis Lambrakis and they quickly started the Stel and Good Newz production outfit.

A visit to a gig Dave Seaman was playing at and handing over a CD with a few tracks they had done quickly led to a record deal with Seaman’s Audio Therapy label and meant an exclusive inclusion of the track “Particle” on a Renaissance compilation he was due to mix. Audio Therapy promptly released Particle, which received some excellent reviews and was supported by pretty much all of the top DJs and also featured on Paul Oakenfold’s Cream compilation. The sudden recognition led to a whole host of remix offers and label enquiries for other material that they had to offer and quickly saw the pair working with Satoshi Tomiie’s SAW label, Armin Van Buuren’s Armada label, Baroque, G.Pal’s Swift Records and Athens based Planetworks label. All of this exposure has led to the duo’s profile becoming synonymous with quality production and melodic sounds that appeal to the more trance orientated DJs like Oakenfold and Buuren but still sit well with the more progressive sounding DJs of Seaman, Tomiie and Sasha.

Stel has also found time to further his production career by starting a Masters Degree at New York University in Film Scoring to pursue other opportunities and avenues for his music. The vibrant and abundant music scene in New York has also opened him to a whole host of new sounds and has been quite inspirational and given him the confidence to work on projects alone as well as with the many other talented producers he has met in the scene over there. Most of this work has been an excellent way of building his profile and has been consistently adding to his increasing repertoire, which has come along way in the past 12 months and has been highly regarded by labels, DJs, record shops and press alike. He has also actively been furthering his DJing career playing alongside such luminaries as Hernan Cattaneo, G.Pal, Tone Depth and of course Dave Seaman adding yet another bow to his burgeoning career potential.

His relationship with Audio Therapy and Dave Seaman has also developed hand in hand since their first interest and has led to a further three follow up singles and a collaboration with vocalist John Elliott from the Global Underground outfit Trafik being signed and a succession of top remixes for the label. Therapy also added him to their exclusive artist management along with the likes of Dave Seaman, Infusion, Lexicon Avenue, Luke Chable and Phil K to name a few.

With a release on Armin Van Buuren’s Armada label which featured on his State Of Trance compilation and his recent remix of Kosmas Epsilon’s Innocent Thoughts, which was one of the stand out tracks on Sasha’s Fundacion Global Underground CD. The inclusion of a specially written track for the Audio Therapy presents Across Borders series featuring some of the hottest production talent coming out of Greece will also fully establish his name in his native homeland along with Nightmare, the follow up with partner Viton to the massive Wooden Swordz. In the midst of a return to Greece to tour with Dave Seaman as part of the Across Borders Cd album promotion which has taken in gigs across Athens, Thessaloniki, Katerini and Rhodes, Stel has also been extremely active on the production side. If he isnt busy DJing then he is in the studio working on remixes of Infusion’s Natural / Love & Imitation for Sony BMG, collaborating with Killahurtz on a new U2 project or working with Pole Folder on a remix for Bedrock. His affiliation with John Digweed does not end there after turning in a stunning 1 hour radio mix for his legendary Transitions radio broadcast. All this has happened quite quickly but is certainly very well deserved and with the start on an album project and as well as more high profile remixes the next 12 months might just proof to be even better.