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Stefy Energy

Bologna, Italy

House, Trance

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She’s one of the most popular famale dj in Italy . Stefy Energy is a very beautiful girl on the consolle since 1993. She was born the magical Halloween night, so she’s called – Streghetta Del Mixer e di cuori – in English is said – Witch Of Mixer and Hearts … – She’s an Italian dj/producer and also author of hers songs. She works as a special guest dj in many places all over Italy since 1993.

Stefy works also as journalist, she writes about music on many magazines.. Stefy also played music as Dj Special Guest for many Radio as Radio 105 Network in the program “Tutti In Onda” (she was winner), Musicgel Radio Syndication, Radio Play Studio Dance Network ( in the program called PIT STOP, m2o in the program Chemical Lab, Stefy Energy on april 2005 started every Friday from 19.00 to 20.00 (GMT+2) her personal Radio Show “Energy In The Mix” mixed and presented by Stefy on IDN (Italian Dance Network – one hour of pure dance sound from all Europe (Included Special Previews and Exclusice Traxx).

As producer she started in 1997, she worked with Saifam Records for 4 years from 1998 to 2002, then she worked with Definitiva Records that in 2003 published the cover made by Stefy Energy of “The Promise You made” sung by the famous singer Taleesa & Aron Michel. In 2004 realised in collaboration with Datura the single “Tell Me”- April Shower on Time Label. She’s a artist since 2005. The first single published by was Stefy NRG – “I Need My Music” written by Stefy as other songs that she produced.. It was a special single with 5 super-version: original, Sander Remix, Dj Satomi Remix, Danijay Remix and Manovale Sonoro Remix… Sung by the famale voice Silvia P and the male voice Dj Nick. The second single published by, one more time on label Movimental, was Stefy NRG – “Promise” a real Dance Bomb! Included special remixes again by Sander, Gith, Be Angel and Manovale Sonoro added to the SaN-R-G version made by Sander & Stefy NRG. The song was played by Top Djs as Dj Lhasa, Dj Cerla, Jens. O, Verano, Tom Mountain… And with the song “Promise” Stefy NRG made her first official videoclip ! March 2007: time has come for the the third single made by Stefy NRG it’s called “It’ S A Fable” included special remix by Datura the famouse top Italian Dance Team! November 2007: time has come for the first album published by called “Music Is My Life” while Dance Nation Events start to shake the ground: on the consolle resident Stefy NRG , Floorfilla (Dj Cerla & Momo) special guest the best Erodance Djs from Germany. She also started to play as guest in many European Top Clubs (Italy, France, Denmark.. ).