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Stefan, originally from Germany, is one of Dallas’ premiere DJs and Producers, writing and playing music for over 8 years. From a young age people could see that this ordinary-looking person was nothing of the sort. Stefan took what was available and stretched it to heights that no one would have expected.

“I’ve been submersed in electronic music all my life. My mom is the key reason that I got into electronic music. She listened to Kraftwerk, Joy Division, Erasure, all the early 80s synthpop. My dad was a DJ in the 70s. I grew up with it. I didn’t actually start producing music until I was 18 or 19. That was back in the day when there was no software, except ReBirth. I had a few sound effects Cds and samples from Vinyl. That’s when I did my first project ‘Cycle One’”

Stefan understands the key to being a good DJ is reading the crowds emotions, then feeding them what they want. Taking them on a journey – telling a story. “ItÂ’s one of the most elegant, effective yet primitive forms of communication. Anyone, anywhere can understand a melody. Anyone can feel a rhythm.”

Over the years Stefan has been involved in many electronic movements in the South. AI Collective was DallasÂ’ biggest collective of up-and-coming producers, which he formed with Brian Aneurysm. He was half of The Mind Theory, one of DallasÂ’ first and best Progressive Breakbeat live performance acts.

His remix work includes people such as The Cure, Tony Estrada, Gary Jules and Noel Sanger. His music has been featured on Mix Cds, played in Clubs and has been played on International Radio. Currently Stefan produces music as Stefan Anion, and runs BluePlasma | Recordings with his good friend Starfire.