Stef Vrolijk Beatport


It is the same old story, after seeing one of his friends with a set of decks he decided that he would set himself up. However, the difference hear is that 4 months later he had secured a residency at ‘Exposure’ in The Hague, which eventually became one of the most popular house-clubs in the Netherlands and established him as one of the main emerging talents – unlike his friend who just keep playing at home.

Not satisfied with playing week in week out to a packed house Stef moved onto producing his own music with Pako & Federik. The track Magic Shop, on Absolute Records, was played by DJ’s Carl Cox, Sasha, John Digweed, Derrick May, Danny Howells eventually featuring on compilations by all of these mentioned DJ’s. Not finished there, the track eventually got taken up by Sander Kleinenberg and Vincent de Moor on the famous Dutch label Deal Records. Feeling that he had the talent for producing Stef hooked up with new colleague Sander to score the massive club hit ‘YDW’. S’n’S (Sander and Stef) got their confirmation of the hit when Erick Morrillo, David Morales and Junior Vasquez always kept playing it, which lead to the track being licensed to Strictly Rhythm.

Having now established himself in the scene in Holland, it was not long until he received his next residency to new club, Asta Movement. However, it was here that the final stage of his development was to take place. As resident, he was also given the responsibility to book the line-ups but not your local level, it was Carl Cox one night, Paul Van Dyk the other or John Aquaviva & Joe T Vannelli the next.

These days, Stef co owns his own label ‘Sadie’ records, where he either produces his own tracks or underwrites new talent in a co owned studio with Sander Kleinenberg. As you can imagine this new material is being lapped up by the usual fraternity of whose who is the DJ world. But, this is clearly not enough!

As a DJ, Stef is known for his for his combined quality house sets and good mixing skills. Testament to this are all the clubs and festivals all over Europe like: Dancevalley (NL), Roxy (NL), House Turhout (B), Innercity (nl), Turnmills (UK), Nighttown (NL), Pacha (ES), Amnesia (ES), club flirt (HU), Le palace (FR) Colombia halle (GER), Love parade (GER) to name but a few. However, it is as a promoter these days that you will really see how far his talent have stretched, either with his own company Full Circle or in combination with Sander Kleinenberg doing Everybody nights.

And recently his new project with the 16 Bit Lolita’s with which he produces the one after another killer track on labels such as Yoshitoshi (Deep Dish), Alternative Route (Desyn Massielo), Little Mountain Records (Sander Kleinenberg), Sadie Records (his own label) and their newest release will come out in march on Deep Records.

With their performance, that combines a DJ set from Stef Vrolijk with the live act of the 16 Bit Lolitas, they have a unique new show that allows them to manipulate not only their own tracks but every track that’s been played. The result is an exclusive live-act that’s never twice the same with remixes included that will be played only once!

They give the audience both remixes of great tracks, real classics as well of their own productions. A unique and different thing! With this they have had great success at the Everybody events, Exposure and Dance Valley to name a few.

Working on his own nights in Holland has become a bit constricting if not too demanding. So now Sander and Stef have decided to quite literally take ‘Everybody’ to everybody. So now you will be able to have a slice of these incredible nights every 2 months in around the globe!

For Stef it is about quality. Either in his mixing, his production or more importantly, giving the crowd the best night! But not just to fill his pockets.