As the adage goes… "It takes years of hard work to become an overnight success…" and nothing is further from overnight success than steeveeb's long, relentless and persiste... read more
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Location: Milano, Italy Italy
Genre: House

As the adage goes… “It takes years of hard work to become an overnight success…” and nothing is further from overnight success than steeveeb’s long, relentless and persistent climb from his early Italian beginnings.

This young spinner, step by step, went from carpeting a local radio station to becoming a well-known DJ personality in his region by the early age of seventeen. He switched from club busboy status to building and running his own successful venue. Starting from some basic scholastic English, he learned the overseas language with music for the pure sake of music itself.

He went from being local to hitting the Los Angeles and Hollywood club scene; from figuring out how to use a multitrack recorder to getting an Honorable Mention at the worldwide highly respected World-Class I.S.C. (International Songwriting Competition).

Twenty years entertaining large audiences didn’t stop him from going back to school at the L.A. based Scratch DJ Academy, where he graduated in summer 2008. Since day one his achievements, experience and professional goals have been consistently and relentlessly increasing.

He recently signed a music publishing deal in Los Angeles with BMI publishing company Left Hand Music, who also represents Italian composer/producer Claudio Collino, the force behind the worldwide hit “Sueno Latino.”

Steeveeb is now working with Almond Talent Agency, representing him as a DJ for films and television.

Between DJ sets in the U.S. and Europe he is currently working behind the boards on some forthcoming productions destined to delight lots of busy dancefloors worldwide.