Stealth Beatport


Adapting an aggressive and melodic style since his beginnings, Stealth was considered a reject by most of his community in his country because of his music preferences. After leaving South America he found a place amongst the electronic community in New York where his style is highly acclaimed.

At the age of 19 he attended the renowned Stratch DJ Academy in New York, having as teachers such stars as DMC world Champion I-Emerge, Neil Armstrong and the inventor of scratching himself Grandwizzard Theodore. This only reassured Stealth’s passion for music and DJing.

“Art is the compilation of many forms of expression, but without doubt music is the deepest and most moving of all…It moves your mind and body and it revolves inside your head until it sparks an emotion, the base of everything that gives us a reason to wake up everyday and live our lives. Being a DJ gives me the ability to shape music like a sculptor shapes the finest piece of marble and give people something they can take and always have, a memory…”

Be on the look out for “Pulsar : Live Elements Episode 1” coming out in Spring 2006.