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Steady Douglas (the alter ego of Mark de Winter) started as a little boy on a 486 computer, experimenting with soundscapes, digital equipment, thousands of disco records and samples. In a quest to match arts and music together Douglas has always been busy by creating the disco sound which gives that ichy warm feeling. Several years ago Douglas came in touch with VOIDD and they began making music together, with combined experiences, the quality of the music increased substantially. After several projects with VOIDD, Douglas reinvented his own sound and made a clear statement of his own no-nonsense-style. Steady grooves, basslines and a touch of classy-Chicago sounds make his music joyful, danceable, and not easy to copy. Currently he’s living in the hometown of Tiesto and Cor Fijneman in the south of the Netherlands.

In 2004 Steady Douglas has won the Diepstraten Dance Award and he was selected out of 300 demo’s for NPI’s (Nationaal Popinstituut) Unsigned Dance CD, which was released in October 2004 at the Amsterdam Dance Event.

Lady Aida, Secret Simba and Cor Fijneman for the Diepstraten Dance Award:

We can be short about Steady Douglas, Douglas surprised everyone with his fat basslines and high funkadelic quality grooves. Tight mixes and top entertainment from the highest shelve. Wicked house with Daft Punk influences. On stage he looks like he’s having fun as well as the crowd!

National Pop Institute (NPI) the Netherlands:

Sampling is being taken to the next level of artistic grandeur with grandmaster Steady Douglas. It’s more like “recycling grand cru.” So don’t even try to recognize the original components being used, because you won’t be able to. Steady has turned them inside out and upside down completely. He wants to relive that 80’s feeling, and he does. Steady on mate.

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