Static Flow Beatport


Having a keen interest in any type of music with a beat, it wasn’t long before Brett started mixing on the decks as an avid bedroom dj. In 2002 he decided to do the 2 year London stint and started dj’ing at trance parties on the weekends. He was introduced to psy trance when he went to an underground party in Brixton hosted by fellow Capetonians and soon found himself attending various Squat parties. His vinyl case started piling up with Psy trance tracks and in 2003 he made the transition to cdj’s and psy trance.

In 2005 he moved to Sweden, where he became acquainted with their trance scene and it wasn’t long before his unique style of mixing could be heard in and around underground clubs and outdoor parties in Stockholm. Staying in close contact with his roots, he decided to pursue a career in music production and moved back to Cape Town to study Sound Engineering in 2006. Cubase soon became his 2nd girlfriend and a spate of jealousy over his time persued between his two ladies. It wasn’t long before he made his choice and his bed was moved into the studio.

His dedication to the studio has paid off with a number of great tracks being produced. With an experienced influence from his good friend, Nate Raubenheimer aka. Protoculture, Static Flow is now signed to Nano Records, who plan to release his music on the label soon.

With new tunes due for release in the near future, Static Flow is sure to make his prominent mark on the trance scene.