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Philadelphia, United States

House, Tech House

Daxsen Records
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International DJ/Music Producer.

Balazs Gall a.k.a. DJ Starx was born and raised in Romania, and developed an interest in music at an early age. At the age of 6 he already studied music and took piano lessons. As a teenager, after he got his first computer he became more interested in producing music. He started recording vocals, editing samples, learning different techniques. As a record producer he worked along with his friends to compose and write Hip-Hop and Rap song. His first Hip Hop release came out when he was only 13. His interest for electronic music stood out when he was 14 years old. As a producer of Hip Hop music, he started combining his skills and experience in electronic productions.

Starx began to make his first steps as a DJ at the ages of 15. In his early years he made several appearances in small clubs. From a single-parent household, his mother supported him to build his music career. At the age of 17 he was hired as a resident DJ at most popular local club. In the meantime he started making radio mixes for several FM and online radios. He also worked with professional technical crews at concerts, festivals, and other big events, gaining technical skills and experience in working with sound and visual effects.

After finishing the high school, Starx moved to Hungary to study Informatics and software developing.. In his collage years he was the resident DJ of several Romanian clubs. Day by day he became more known in the area, many clubs invited him to mix on Friday and Saturday nights. In the meantime he earning additional income with designing posters, and websites for the local DJ’s and clubs. After finishing his studies he started working as a club promoter and program coordinator in the local pubs and clubs of course continued mixing and producing music.

His first success was in 2010 when he finished at the 3rd place in a Swedish DJ contest organized by Pioneer Pro DJ. In the same year he starts working with C-Bazz who was a well known local MC and music producer, learning vocal skills from him. They started having gigs together at the best clubs in the area, opening acts for well known artists. In the meantime they started their first live act project with live piano and samplers in the DJ sets, In 2011 Starx repeated the previous year’s performance and finished 3rd again in the Pioneer Pro DJ contest. After a successful year together they formed the team named PhaseOne with the help of Edy who started singing and writing lyrics for the songs produced by PhaseOne. In the following year, 2012 he became the 3rd best student DJ in Hungary at the National University DJ competition. Shortly after the final in Budapest he was selected in top 10 and went further to the semifinal in Burn Studios Residency global DJ contest.

Using his skills and experience, he traveled in the United States and he had opportunity to play in a couple of clubs. Returning after a successful summer Starx started using his American experience and became even more popular in Romania and Hungary. Returning to the United States in 2013 he became the host and resident DJ of the European Parties at the well known Chelsea Club in Atlantic City.

During the past few years he appeared many times on the pages of the local newspapers, on the screens of the music channels and on the FM waves of the best radio stations worldwide. In the past few years he mixed on the side of many famous autochthonous and international DJ’s.