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Donegal, Ireland

Electro House, Progressive House

Luxor Music
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Danny Le Grand better known as ”Stache” was born in 1982 in Letterkenny Ireland.

At the age of 3 in 1985 his parents moved to Amsterdam (The Netherlands) where he grew up in the suburbs of that city.

Around the age of 8 he started to get interested in Electronic Dance Music; mainly because of his brother who was attending the back then well known illegal raves in Amsterdam and the rest of The Netherlands; and was bringing home mix-tapes and other stuff from those parties.

At the age of 15 he got himself his first set of turntables, back then that where the trusted technics sl1200 and a dateq xtc mixer.

From then on in between attending a lot of parties and festivals himself, he got more and more into the dj’ing.

The base of it was just to stachehave fun and spend quality time with his friends mixing up music and making mix-tapes and stuff for other friends.

A couple years later he started to get into producing music and from then on everything moved very fast, up to giving up his normal daytime job to settle in and produce music full time.

In the last couple years ”Stache” has released a lot of music under different names and labels.

First off his releases where into the more typical sound of hard trance and hard dance, before moving up to producing and concentrating on Progressive House and Electro House.

Some of his latest releases in 2013/2014 have made it up the Beatport Top100 and have gained support from a lot of Headlining festival Dj’s like : Tiesto, Nicky Romero, Chuckie, Afrojack, and many more.

These days ”Stache” has moved back to Ireland, and continues to evolve his sound and dj set’s throughout the globe.

Having performed at clubs and festivals in: Sydney, Moscow, Amsterdam, Ibiza, Miami and many more great global places.

This all adds up to a very successful start of an artist career for ”Stache”.

It is no secret that many people in many places will hear a lot about this iconic figure in the future to come.