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Playing the Los Angeles rave scene for the first few years of his dj career, Dj SR-71 thrived and it set the path for him to play in San Diego and around the rest of the south west. As a DJ, SR-71 has collected and played all styles of dance music but preferred his favorite styles, which were Trance and Hard Dance, which propelled him through the South Western dance music community. DJ SR-71 has played in cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Tempe, Tucson, Phoenix, and Albuquerque. He has performed at events such as highly attended “San Diego Street Scene Music Festival”, the 10,000 capacity rave events “LOVE GROOVE” & “METROPLEX” in LA, as well as playing mega clubs, Club Ra in the Luxor Resort in Las Vegas, Velvet @ the Del Mar Fairgrounds, Haras Rincon Casino, San Diego Sports Arena & the On Broadway Event Center in downtown San Diego, as well as Canes beach front club in Mission bay, plus many many more. Not only has he played some of the biggest events on the west coast but he has also shared the stage with some of the world’s most well known and gifted electronic artist’s, such as DIPLO, CHRISTOPHER LAWRENCE, DONALD GLAUDE, CHARLES FEELGOOD, DJ MICRO, DJ SHORTEE, COMMANDER TOM, FRANKIE BONES, LIAM HOWE (SNEAKER PMIPS), JON BISHOP, BARRY WEAVER, SANDRA COLLINS, DJ DAN, HYPERACTIVE, DJ IRENE, SIMPLY JEFF, SWEEDISH EGIL, RICHARD VISSION & THEE-0 just to name a few. DJ SR-71 has cataloged more than a few mix compalations (listed below). SR-71 the DJ loves and plays all styles of dance music. DJ SR-71’s main music influences stem from the early through late 90’s rave and club scene, being inspired most by Los Angeles greats, his biggest influence Christopher Lawrence, and also greats dj’s and producers like Sandra Collins, John Kelley, and Simply Jeff. House has also been a factor and SR-71 sites DJ Dan, Donald Glaude, Bad Boy Bill and Doc Martin as influences. A typical set from DJ SR-71 is an hour and a half to two hours and is not to be missed! Crowds love his seamless mixing and programming as well as his ability to read, control and connect with the audience. DJ SR-71 is a marketable artist and a benefit to any event or club lineup. In his hometown of San Diego, DJ SR-71 has become a valuable asset as the founder of SLEEPER CELL MUSIC. Together with a handful of close friends united by music, DJ SR-71 has helped the San Diego dance community by producing and performing at dozens of events. Some of the parties that DJ SR-71 & Sleeper Cell Music is well known for are LIKE IT LOUD, BACK IN THE DAY, DUBSONIC UNDERGROUND, BACK ONCE AGAIN, NOIZE FOR TOYZ, CAN FOR A CAUSE & now the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED TECHNO/DRUM AND BASS EVENT VIRAL located @ the 1000 capacity club SPIN. Not only is DJ SR-71 producing, promoting events, and bringing in world class talent to the San Diego Underground. He is producing music as well as performing dj sets around the southern California area. DJ SR-71 has now added radio show host/producer/dj for Like It Loud! radio exclusively on Monday nights from 8 to 10 pm pst. Playing and showcasing dance music producers and dj’s from around the world that dance music fans anticipate on a weekly basis. DJ SR-71 IS A TALENT YOU DONT WANT TO PASS UP!!

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