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New York, United States


Hammer Music, Technorganic
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DJ Spyder has been DJ’ing all over the world, all formats of music, mostly house, since 1982.

Spyder plays a mix of the latest music around with many classics. He features many exclusive tracks never heard before in any club done by some of the top DJ’s in the world, including himself. His new music emphasis is vocal, anthem, uplifting, circuit party, dance/house music plus some darker, sexy, tribal and progressive tracks that still fit into a mainstream audience. He does a full range of classics as well.

Over the years, Spyder has been commonly associated with the following clubs/parties as a resident or guest spot DJ (mostly in the NY/Long Island area): Caffeine, Limelight, Roxy, Starz, Forever Green’s, Honey’s , O.B.I., Uncle Sams, Neptunes, Starz, Voodoo, Thunders, G-Spot, Sanka, Kiss, Avenues, Park Place, Idols (in Rochester, NY), Wett, Playground, USA Roller Rink, Pride (circuit & rave parties), Grannys, Queen (in Paris), Wünderbar, Stratus, Wonderama, and many more. There were also many clubs outside of the U.S. in Zurich, Tel Aviv, Geneve, London, Reading, Paris, Melbourne, just to name a few.

DJ Spyder has also done extensive mobile DJ’ing from 1984-2000 (currently retired from that aspect) primarily with his own company, Groovy Tunes, as well as working for Double G Productions.

He has done radio in the following formats: rock, alternative, jazz, big band, vocals, new wave, punk, new age, etc. WRUR-FM (in Rochester, NY) and WSHR-FM (Long Island, NY). He was also a regular featured music columnist for On The Wilde Side magazine (now defunct) in the New York City/Long Island metro area from around 1992-1995.

DJ Spyder has DJ’ed in smaller bars with music formats in pop, hip hop, reggae, doo-wop, rock, disco, salsa, meringue, pop, new wave, etc.

He currently works for a record wholesale distributor (largest vinyl distributor in the world!!).He is on many record label mailing lists and belongs to the top record pool in the country, For The Record in NYC.

Spyder just recently started getting into doing his own productions, remixes and edits (that are already getting charted!!)