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Perth, Australia

Electro House, Progressive House

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Genuine, unique turntable DJ from sunny Perth! Apparently we girls are like hen’s teeth. That’s what I heard once and it got me thinking ‘maybe that’s why no-one has found me yet!’

Spin everything and anything – Any style, genre or sound I’ll mash it. I’d like my own record label one day…not ‘cause it’s cool or lucrative but because vinyl deserves to stay around forever and I’d like to help that happen.

I appreciate DJs who stay true to our art, which starts with vinyl but I also use Traktor scratch pro with timecodes just to stay in the game.

I don’t know what a sync button is, why it’s there or what it’s used for.

I am currently creating my web presence while entering comps & looking for a regular ‘live’ slot on internet radio so I can create a following. Very keen to learn production.

Also into guitar, song writing & singing (blush blush)