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When electronic music hadn’t yet made its arrival in Buenos Aires, Miguel Silver and Luis Nieva were already behind the decks decoding an initially imported culture. Almost twenty years separate that moment in time from the present, two decades of profession that, together and on individual projects, coherently developed from the underground to the mainstream.

Influenced by House and Techno from Chicago and Detroit, Miguel and Luis appear in the curriculum vitae of the local dance movement as engines and models of its unfolding: there’s not club, significant to the growth of the local scene, that has not had them at its booth.

Besides their individual sound explorations, together in several causes they knew how to contribute to the emerging phenomenon from a specialised record store when the market was still limited to the power of a group that, in 1994, came out as revolutionary. The nowadays dissolved group Urban Groove (them two plus six other Djs) surprised the audience with their cult parties, live performances and releasing the first works of the national electronic music.

Determined to continue their career on a more experimental path, Miguel Silver and Luis Nieva leave Urban Groove in the beginning of 2001 and run a modern way of musical expression which gives sense to Spitfire -this alias was taken from an old fighter plane used during the second world war. The guiding formula of these performances which made an impact on the audience consists of a set of four decks, two mixers and an effects, technical resources from which they come up with original real-time pieces. A challenge based on improvisation, an art only possible to be carried out by two DJs of broad experience.

Performing frequently at Clubland ([email protected] Buenos Aires) and from their important tours around the country and Latin America, Spitfire shared the booth with DJs of the international panorama such as James Zabiela, Moonface (Phil Thompson), Circulation (Paul Davis) y Peace Division (Clive Henry) among others. Also, their part in all three editions of Creamfields BA stand out within their career.

Acknowledged by their colleagues and the audience as pioneers of the vernacular electronic music culture, Miguel y Luis also individually reached peaks of high relevance. Currently, they are working at the studio on the material which their first album will be composed of. Besides, their thoughtful musical selections can be listened on the section Late Night on Metrodance 95.1 FM.