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Spiritual Blessings

Milan, Italy


Del Records, Gotta Keep Faith, Next Dimension Music
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Spiritual Blessings is a DJs duo born at the end of 2004 from an idea sparked by Jean Paul Francois and Ezio Centanni, Two Friends with a common vison: make good and high quality music.

SB although strictly House Music attempts to merge many different influences together.

With over 20 years experience, they have held residencies at many different clubs through out Italy as well as Europe.

The SB Team have produced in the order of 20 Unique House Music tracks, most of which are due for release in 2006.

DJ EZIO has reached 40, and when he was 10 started to mix tracks between a turntable and a Stereo 8 recorder.

In 1981 began his adventure in Radio (5 years of DISCOMANIA on RADIO LIFE – Italy).

In 1986 Ezio has great idea to start one of the bests House Radio in South of Italy, CONTRORADIO (24 Hours Day mixed music).

Ezio Has played in this clubs : WHYNOT, CAMELOT, SNOOPY, DIVINAE FOLLIE, and actually he is resident Dj on Saturday to NARCISO at EL MERENDERO.

In 1997 Ezio goes in touch with dj-producer COSTANTINO MIXMASTER PADOVANO, and hence forward he starts his interest for productions.

Ezio, AKA SOULMAN, has produced EL GUARRO and some versions of : MIDI MIX and SOUL Beat and pieces, SOUND RITUAL Back in the Jungle, LOVE SELECTIVE El bimbo Latino, MIXMASTER Feat. ISABEL FRUCTUOSO Latin session asi asi, LATINO BROTHERS Carnaval together SPLASHFUNK DJ and last 2 productions before starts SBs Experience : BASS FREQUENCIES released on OCEAN TRAXX Records and EL BARRIO LATINO Orilla del mar, Rio de Janeiro.

DJ JEAN Was born in 1972 from a music lover family. His father, in fact, is a Piano Player who loves Jazz and Bossa Nova. For this reason Jean Paul began to study Piano since he was 5 years old.

On his 13, Jean Paul began to mix vinyls with first 2 turntables and 1 mixer.

In 1990 Jean Paul touch first clubs, and starts an interesting musical trip, spacing trough several House Music styles and many fusions. And then he sayed : – Oh…I love house music !!-

Jean Paul thinks that to play House Music, the Dj needs musical substrate, and DJ that spins records is like a musician that touch piano keys. Need same love and passion.

Today, His 4/5 hours House Sets are rich of Soul, Funky, Bossa, Disco, Jazz, Latin influences, and His groove is really exclusive, because moves people until the deepest atmospheres to the earliest hours of the dawn.

A very important step in His career is to be member of RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY in Dublin (2000). A two weeks experience together 29 DJs from all over the world, for a deep knowledge of global Djing.

He has worked in Radio too from 1990 to 1994.

Jean Paul has played in a lot of clubs in Italy and actually is resident Dj on Saturday of BHANGRABAR (Milano-Italy).

Outside Italy he has played to : POD (DUBLIN – IE), KITCHEN ( DUBLIN – IE), HOGAN (DUBLIN – IE), XL (BELGRADE – YU), X-AGAVA (Indjia – YU), BASSMENT (BELGRADE – YU), PAVILLON (Wuppertal – De).

Gianni Lenoci is third important member of SB. Graduated at St. Cecilia Conservatory in Rome, he has studied improvised music with Mal Waldron and Paul Bley and contemporary composition with Giacomo Manzoni.

In 1993 he was finalist at the European Jazz Competition of Leverkusen (Germany) and in 1996 he was a winner of an award by Centre Acanthes in Paris (France).

His original conception is confirmed by a lot of collaborations: Massimo Urbani, Steve Lacy, S. Grossman, Gianluca Trovesi, H. Land, Bob Mover, Enrico Rava, G. Ferris, Giancarlo Schiaffini, D. Moye, Hans Bennink, Antonello Salis, Eugenio Colombo, C. Actis Dato, Guido Mazzon, Joelle Leandre and many others.

Further more he has given performances with poets and dancers like Vittorino Curci and N. Bagus Kentus (Indonesia).

He is also a performer of notaded music, with a focus on radical composers like Morton Feldman, John Cage, Sylvano Bussotti, Salvatore Sciarrino but he covers a big range from English virginal music to Erik Satie.

He is teaching jazz and contemporary music at Nino Rota Conservatory in Monopoli (Italy).

He has performed in Italy, France, England, Romania, Hungaria, Albania, Argentina, Canada, USA and recorded for Splasc(h), Modern Times, Asc, Leo Records, Sentemo, Afk, and Vm-ada.

His partnership with SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS starts in the beginning of 2005,and reach a pure jazzy house expression with birth of track LISBON NIGHT (Future release in the USA).

REUNION is another masterpiece born from this perfect meeting between a Jazz Player and two DJs.