Spirit Beatport


In 1995 Spirit touched the turntables for the first time. Although she was interested in them ,her true inspiration to pursue DJing didn’t happen until 1996. She bought her first set of turntables and got to work. After a few short months, she knew she was hooked.

Very soon after, in February of 1997 she landed her first gig. It was a local club showcasing local talent. Very soon after, she was landing gigs all over Southern California, and would soon be one of the most popular, local female talents.

She has been featured continuously on KUCI, a local college radio station, for their Friday night broadcast of Riders of the Plastic Groove. She has also been featured on Vibeflow.com which broadcasts house music on Thursday nights, among many other electronic broadcasts.

After a few years she decided to start something of her own. She teamed up with another local artist/Live PA, Alex Xenophon of Bassland in the year 2000, to form a house music club called Our House. Our House was a Tuesday night weekly that ran for a year and a half and was one of the most succesful and longest run house music clubs in Orange County. She even ran some parties of her own under her side production, Our House Melodies.

Spirit has been sought after for her wide range of super deep house to hard banging house that is sure rock a crowd as it has been rocking crowds in the US for some time. She is surely a name to remember and definitely has a bright future to look forward to.