Top 25k on The DJ List

Spindiana Jones

Tampa, United States

Electro House, Tech House


Justyn Dial better known as Spindiana Jones is known internationally for his Premier DJ blending ability as well as his edits and remixes. He is able to combine his innate love for all types of music and apply that to DJing some of the biggest parties in Florida and making some of todays most played and loved club edits and remixes.

At the age of 15 Spindiana Jones bought his first Jay-Z cd and has since been fascinated with the production and performance of music. Already one of the top saxophone players in his age group Jones decided to apply his music theory knowledge towards etching out an entertainment career. After graduating High School Jones attended the University of Florida where he grew even more in love with music. It was at this time he began to teach himself the art of music production while pursuing his B.A. in Film Studies. Working tirelessly he crafted his own style and became the “go to” producer for many of the schools Hip Hop and Reggaton artists.

After receiving his degree from University of Florida Jones moved to Tampa, Florida where he was finally able to merge all of his past music knowledge into the career of deejaying. Starting as just a hobby Jones eventually began getting recognized locally and asked to deejay at bigger venues. It was at this time he realized he had found his calling. Justyn is now one of the biggest DJ’s in the Tampa Bay area and has become recognized internationally for his work on the acclaimed Crooklyn Clan owned DJ remix site His edits and remixes can now be heard in clubs all over the world. He has also been featured on Rane’s website and multiple music blogs.

With each set Spindiana Jones spins he leaves it all on the dance floor. His knowledge of music ranges from the most obscure to todays hottest tracks. It is his vast music knowledge and one of a kind ability to read a crowd that allows him to play any venue and rock any party. Whether he is opening for acts like GZA from Wu Tang Clan and the Jump Smokers or spinning alongside the best DJ’s in the world at one of his residencies Spindiana Jones shines.