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When an ordinary person is recognized at a young age for doing extraordinary things, it is easy to be misunderstood. Dorian aka the great superstar DJ Spinboy, he is one of the youngest in town and recently from Garland, TX.

DJ Spinboy was born on September 12, 1986. As he was a kid his parents always knew that Dorian had skills of music and the talent he will have when he gets older and older. When days pasted by, Spinboy’ dad saved up to get his very own turntables that they were two pairs of (Numarks).While he was spinning on his numarks, he decide to do gig’ with his very first DJ buddy (DJ Scorpion) & (DJ Jedi).Will days pasted by, Spinboy was always looking up too his very good friends DJ Kidd & Chuy Da Intern and always in one of the popular radio station in the metroplex (Knon 89.3). Spinboy always wanted to be liked them but there was one thing of Spinboy, he will never be a follower he will always be a leader just like his dad says and still does.

When Spinboy turn the age 16 he started to see better things for his career. He got together with his very first Productions called (WILD STYLE PROD.) With his pal (DJTUMTUM) & (DJ FRANKIEBOY).Spinboy thanks the Productions that he is in right now it’ really helping him out and doin some really great stuff. Spinboy will be comin out with his new CD by the end of this year of 2003, mixing with DJ FRANKIEBOY. Will be release in stores by the beginning of November so be ready for (24/7, MUZIK NEVER STOPS) UK hardhouse, Progressive, Hard trance.

Late November of 2002 Spinboy got hired to spin at one of the famous billiards in Texas (Slicks Billiards). While he was doin Slicks every week Spinboy started too see the Doors open and how quick Spinboy got so popular and known. At that time Spinboy started to make his newest beats and his newest tracks.