Spike Beatport


DJ Spike lives in Montreal, Canada. Starting at the age of 16 he listened to late night radio stations and was intrigued by club music and the talent it took to be a disc jockey, especially when he was listening to heavy metal music for almost 4 years, the change came to him all of a sudden to change the type of music he listened to and paid more attention more to the way DJ’s mixed on the radio.

At 18 he got some cash together and bought an Amp, Mixer and 2 Technics SD-20 turntables and went down to a DJ shop and got a few vinyls and went home to spin, he wasn’t to bad.

3 months after he started to DJ he went to a contest for disc jockeys in the amateur category and finished 2nd that night, he was a little upset with himself because 1st prize was a pair of SL- 1200mk2.

DJ SPIKE (aka: Brian Payne) continued to improve his mixing styles and started to look for work in the DJ field and got his first job as a DJ at the age of 20 in a small pub in Montreal. After 6 months he was laid off work and went searching again and did odd jobs at school dances and weddings.

Spike now does broadcasting over internet radio and is trying to make his own remixes of certain artists on the market.

Spike has never made it BIG yet, but hopefully one day fill in his dream of owning his own dance club.

That’s the story on DJ Spike

(Spike also run 2 streams on this site under DJ mixes but they are not open 24/7, so if you can’t connect it is not a bad link)