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Spider Heart have been described best by one of their fans: “It makes me want to surf and break mailboxes at the same time!”

Spider Heart is a four piece garage rock band from Oakland, CA. fronted by the fiery May Black. With all the fury of a runaway freight train slamming head on into a glitter factory Spider Heart delivers its blues driven rock n roll through echo crazy guitar riffs, pounding rhythm section and dark, devious lyrics wrapped up in energetic and impatient melodies. The band has sourced The Stooges, The Kills, Nick Cave, The White Stripes, Patti Smith, The Cramps and Tom Waits as some of their major influences.

Formed in late 2011 based on a mutual love of vintage sounds, dive bars, juke boxes and questionable evenings followed by puzzling mornings, Spider Heart have spent the last year honing in on their grinding sound and electrifying, smokey live shows.

They released their DIY DEMO entitled VOODOO in October 2012 and are currently in the studio working on their first EP entitled UNDER THE GUN due for release in January, 2013