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Spencer&Hill – Housebeats Made in Germany (Tiger Rec.)

Spencer&Hill – The Funky Years (Zooland)


Spencer&Hill – Dance (Dim Mak)

Spencer&Hill – U Got To (Bazooka)

Spencer&Hill – Can’t Stop The World (Bazooka)

Spencer&Hill – Beatrocka (Wall Recordings)

Spencer&Hill – I Spy (Bazooka)

Spencer&Hill – 2 Kisses Of You (Bazooka)

Spencer&Hill – Yeah Yeah Yeah (Bazooka/Kontor)

Spencer&Hill – Lost in Space (Tiger Rec.)

Spencer&Hill – Dub Disco (Bazooka)

Spencer&Hill – Less Go (Bazooka)

Spencer&Hill – Sunbeam (Tiger Rec.)

Spencer&Hill – GoGo Girl (Bazooka)

Spencer&Hill – Back2Back (Bazooka)

Spencer&Hill – Shy Boy (Tiger Rec.)

Spencer&Hill – Who knows (Bazooka)

Spencer&Hill – Gute Laune (Tiger Rec.)

Spencer&Hill vs Jay Outback – Mich laust der Affe (Zooland Records)

Spencer&Hill – Get Down (Tiger Rec.)

Spencer&Hill – Oldschool (Tiger Rec.)

Spencer&Hill vs. She’s all that – Jump(Bazooka)

Spencer&Hill – 303 (Bazooka)

Spencer&Hill vs. Dave Darell – Its a smash (Tiger Rec.)

Spencer&Hill – Haunted House (Bazooka)

Spencer&Hill – Excuse Me (Tiger Rec.)

Spencer&Hill – Funk Parliament (Bazooka)

Spencer&Hill – I want you (Tiger Rec.)

Spencer&Hill – Trespasser (Tiger Rec.)

Spencer&Hill – Heads off (Tiger Rec.)

Spencer&Hill – Cool (Tiger Rec.)

Spencer&Hill vs. Felguk – Fingertips (Tiger Rec.)

Spencer&Hill – Flat EP (Zooland/Tiger)

Spencer&Hill – Most wanted EP (Tiger Rec.)

Spencer&Hill – Housebeat EP (Tiger Rec.)

S&H Project – One stop love EP (Zoogroove)

S&H Project – Bob the radio

Spencer&Hill – Stop the world

Spencer&Hill – World in love

S&H Project – Perculate it

Spencer&Hill – Get it on

Spencer&Hill – Dub Files 1 (StarRouge)

Spencer&Hill – EP5 (StarRouge)

Spencer&Hill – Back in the love

Spencer&Hill – EP4 (StarRouge)

Spencer&Hill – Extra E (EP3) (StarRouge)

Spencer&Hill – When the lights turn off

Spencer&Hill – EP2 (StarRouge)

Spencer&Hill – EP1 (StarRouge)


Sultan & Ned Shepard ft. Nadia Ali – Call My Name (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Afrojack – Take over control (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Cascada – Pyromania(Spencer&Hill Airplay Mix)

Yello – The Expert (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Gigi Barocco vs Ice MC – Think about the way 2k9 (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Medina – You & I (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Bob Sinclair – La La Song(Spencer&Hill Remix)

Franky goes to Hollywood – Relax(Spencer&Hill Remix)

Paul Van Dyk – For an angel(Spencer&Hill Remix)

Royksopp – Girl and the robot (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Tiga – Shoes (Spencer&Hill Remix)

N-Trance – Set u free 2008 (Spencer&Hill Classic Mix)

Porn Kings Vs. Dj Supreme – Up To Tha Wildstyle (Spencer&Hill Remix)

R.I.O – When the sun comes down (Spencer&Hill Remix)

4 Strings vs. Da Mack – Da Mack (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Private – My secret lover (Spencer&Hill Remix)

S & H Project ft. Jades – Summer’s gone (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Dave Darell – Freeloader (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Selda – 100% pure love (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Giant JR – Evil (Spencer&Hill Remix)

S & H Project – One stop love (Spencer & Hill Remix)

Milk&Sugar – Stay around (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Avenue – The Last Goodbye (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Lowrider – Pitchdown (S&H Project Remix)

N-Trance – Set u free 2008 (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Velvet – Fix me (Spencer&Hill Remix)

BWO – Lay your love one (Spencer&Hill Remix)

R.I.O – Shine on (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Dj Tom & Bump N’ Grind – So much love to give (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Lorie – Play (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Moby – Disoc lies (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Booty Luv – Some kinda rush (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Cezar – Keep on (Spencer&Hill Remix)

S&H Project – Bob the radio (Spencer&Hill Mixes)

Lorie – Play (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Cascada – What do you want from me (S&H Project Remix)

September – Cry for you (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Sash! – Mysterious times (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Cascada – What hurts the most (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Yanou ft. Mark Daviz – A girl like you (S&H Project Remix)

R.I.O – R.I.O (S&H Project Remix)

Lorie – Je Vais Vite (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Sugababes – About You Now (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Dj Tiesto – Carpe Noctum (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Yanou – Sun is shinning (Spencer&Hill Remix)

S & H Project – Percualte it (Spencer&Hill Mixes)

Taio Cruz – Moving on (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Chris Lake – Changes (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Scooter ft. Fatman Scoop – Behind the cow (Spencer&Hill Mixes)

Above&Beyond – For all I care (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Cascada – Everytime we touch (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Morillo ft. P. Diddy – Dance I said (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Cass Fox – Touch me (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Yanou ft. Liz – King of my castle (Spencer&Hill Dub Mix)

Michael Gray – Boderline (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Ian Carey – Say what you want (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Rasmus Faber – Get over here (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Fishbowl – Lets get down (Spencer&Hill Remix)

Ultra Djs – You&me (Spencer&Hill Remix)