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In 2002, DJ Speedy’s career as a DJ was well known in South Africa and followed closely by the all since almost the beginning almost 9 years ago. Though his career started at the age of 15 at xenon in Portugal and then went on to his first residency to Greens Nightclub for the year to follow.

It was in South Africa performing for events such as the unforgettable Mother events by Mother productions when discovered by promoter and organizer Peter White that his career reached a new level and then invited to perform at most events including Ice festivals from Ice Productions South Africa. Over all past residencies held currently DJ Speedy holds his residency at Truth, which considered Johannesburgs top Dance Club and has had the opportunity to play alongside top internationals such as Carl Cox, Judge Jules, Pete Tong, Junior Sanchez, Jeremy Healy, Amos, The Shamin, Mr C, Nick Warren, K-Klass, The orb, Sasha, Jon Digweed, Dave Seamen, Yves De Reuter, DJ Jan, Reg and Phillip Paul Glazby to mention a few.

His passion and devotion for the music has best described as “flawless” and in March 1999 only at the age of 20 the won the prestigious South African DJ of the year competition. With both local and international judges, the competition included some of South Africa’s finest DJs, playing to an audience of 6000 people. Since then speedy continued to surprise his fans and was honored as DJ of the year for two continuous years and accepting the people’s crystal awards for best DJ in 2000. In 2001 Derek the Bandit from 5fm recognized and awarded DJ Speedy as the hardest working DJ for 2001. As a resident for the DTB show on 5fm his mixes are still heard through out Country.

Over all DJ Speedy’s success he always keeps producing, mixing and improving the sound of our Dance Culture led to mix a range of compilations and finally together with the Operators released FY2K and yet another achievement was reached when the titled “Awake” produced by the operators and mixed by DJ Speedy reached top status in South Africa.

This continued success story has allowed him to play in Portugal, Spain, Holland, Pakistan, and Dubai. In 2001 DJ Speedy enjoyed an extensive tour in Belgium where he played at the club Illusion where Illusion records Belgium have licensed the track called “Sanity” for the European market. His appearances are always constant and tours nationally always leaving his fans in total despair for his return.

DJ Speedy’s confidence in the Dance Culture in South Africa has allowed him to co-own the Super Club Twilo in Johannesburg and allowed him to explore different avenues.

With all his successes DJ Speedy relentlessly looks to his future with excitement and will continue to be rated as one South African’s top Progressive and Trance House DJ for years to come, always with that final remembrance of perfection left with his fans.