Spectre Beatport


Leonard Leamaster aka SPECTRE

After quickly being noticed for his mixing style, track blending and track selections, Spectre has very quickly been becoming a genuine house hold name for Trance and House all over the US.

He began his career in the state of Utah, USA by playing local Utah events such as; Distorion Project Feb 2003, Amplified (Mystre & Dyloot) May 2003, Distortion Project 2 Aug 2003, Static Promotional Tour 2004, Static Promotional Tour 2.0 July 2004, Undivided March 2005 (Jon Bishop), Evolution May 2005 (Shortee & Annalyze) as well as other various private gatherings and club events.

He also claimed the status of “headliner Material” by making his debut appearance at ‘NightVision’ April 2005 along side (Miss Jag, DJ DMX & The 303 Collective) in Phoenix, Arizona.

Since then he has been making more of a dent on the globe by gracing and tantalizing other locations across the US.

He is very quickly making more and more progress in getting into the mainstream of professional DJing and will successfully accomplish that goal shortly.

He is ALWAYS down to lay down some tracks and make people move, or enjoy a “chill” musical Atmosphere. His sets are moving and heart touching at the same time.

When asked about his style and track selection he replied, “If I can’t move your feet, I will sure be able to move your heart, my track selections progress from emotional movement to physical movement.”

His style of music has been greatly influenced by performers such as; Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Tiesto, Robert Gitleman, DJ Dan, Eric Morillo, The Thrillseekers, Matt Darey, George Acosta and BT.

“My main motivation is all the people that enjoy what I do and will continue to do… move your heart, mind and your feet.” SPECTRE

This is one dj that you do not want to miss, once you have experienced “Temporary Spectrolosis” (As many people like to say) you will be left begging for more.

Keep your eyes and ears open for one of the worlds’ quickest up and coming djs.

Check calendar for up coming events near you.