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Spatial Awareness

London, United Kingdom

Corsair Records, Hottwerk, Stripped Off
Spatial Awareness Beatport


In the mind of Spatial Awareness the Paradise Garage never shut it’s doors. All the different shades of disco – real disco – are part of the palette for Spatial Awareness; a smorgasboard of the electronic, the soulful, the funky, the torch song, and the just plain out there.

Velvet nocturnal textures underpin gorgeous melodies, digging from the very depths of emotion to soaring ecstatic heights. Armed with a brace of vintage synthesizers and a life times experience of digging through dusty crates full of vinyl, Spatial Awareness has been practicing his sonic alchemy in the studio, creating disco flavoured works of art for Hottwerk.

Disco evangelist and stepchild, preacher of the gospels according to Larry, Frankie, Francis, and David (and countless other Disciples), Spatial Awareness joins the dots between disco’s sacred history and its immortal future.