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Born and raised on the east coast, Sparatik has experienced life in major cities that include Manhattan, Boston, San Francisco, Orlando, and now Los Angeles. In addition to DJing, her technical education includes degrees for both Recording Arts and Digital Media from Full Sail, where she later returned as a lab instructor for both Web Design and MIDI. Working alongside producers Medway (Hooj Choons), Noel Sanger (Nettwerk) and Pimp Daddy Nash (Eighth Dimension Records), she put her production chops to the test teaching 12-hour overnight shifts in the MIDI lab (on OS9!).

Her arrival in San Francisco saw her freelancing and teaching an advanced mixing class for DJs at Norcal DJ & Music Production Academy, and later in Los Angeles as an instructor for SAE-LA, a school for music and multimedia technology.

The name ‘Sparatik’ is not cute, it’s not fluffy, it’s not epic, it’s not sexy. But it fits the journey as a DJ, which has been an interesting one; floating from genre to genre and learning the nuances of each. At the end of the day though, house music rules. As a result of spending countless hours learning hardware and software for multimedia production, Nichole’s skills are solid and her creative direction is over-the-top. Her main goal is to collaborate with talented friends in the industry, learning new tips and tricks along the way, and to create positive energy throughout the process. It’s all about having fun, and making it happen.