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Nicosia, Cyprus

Progressive House

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Spanky is a DJ/Producer born July 6th 2000. His real name is Stelios, born and grown up in Nicosia, Cyprus. His artist name before ’’Spanky’’ was ‘’Jimmy Toraitio’’ and he had that to honour his Uncle Jimmy’s death.

He created great collaborations with many producers like Dino, Berogore, Suki Merciano, Katy Jordan, Helix, Duo Bros, Jazz Buster and many more.

He also had the chance to meet other DJ’s from Cyprus like Gee Le Papa and Van DL. They became friends in the end.

Gee Le Papa gave him a reason to continue doing what he really loves when everyone else was hating and bullying him.

His dream is to become #1 DJ Of the world and he hopes one day, his dream to become true.

Until now, he managed to get #2 DJ of his country Cyprus and now, after 2 years, he is still #9 DJ of Cyprus with ‘’Jimmy Toraito’’ artist name.

Before he started producing music he listened to Skrillex and one day he said to his self.

-Why do I listen to music when I can make music?.

So this is the way that he started producing music…because of Skrillex.

Then he started listening to other producers and he started producing Electro House/Progressive House and Big Room House! This changed his life! That’s his passion!