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SPACE CATAVI ALGRANATI came from a musical family. At the age of 21 1993 he set up a recording studio, and after discovering the electronic music, channeled his energy to making trance.

He previously wrote music under the name Indoor 1994 nmc records ,DNA 1996 phonokol,phreaky, and also his recent project Alien vs the cat. He has released more thane 90 tracks on different compilations and also on a new sony playstation 2 game " Gran turismo 4 ". He has released Four SpaceCat albums The first came out on BNE Records 1997 " Beam Me Up " , 2’nd album 1999 " Shapes Of Sound " 3’d album 2002 " Power Up " and 4’th album 2004 " Mechanical Dream on Vision Quest Japan, Alien vs The Cat – “Hear the noize”, Alien vs The Cat – “Space Jam”

He will release his new album around 2009 ,and a new Alien vs the Cat remixes album on march 2009 on farm rec Japan.

Avi has also Wone the israeli’s dj magazine 2005 competition at top place together with Infected Mushroom and skazi,for the best dj and live act