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With remixes and original music rising the charts on Beatport (world’s leading electronic music download store), SoundSex’s latest release, and 2nd original single, “Dont F*ck Around” feat Kekoa Franconi, on Lets Beat Milo, took less than one day to reach a FEATURED spot on Beatport’s front page of Electro House. “Dont F*ck Around” hit all download stores, including, Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, Juno and Jamvana, March 15th 2011. Previous releases were in October of 2010. Releases include a remix of “Tension”, SoundSex’s 1st original single on Beatport in 2009, by Decoding Jesus (#2 on Beatport, Moist Music Top Downloads, 10-30-2010), and a release feat a remix of: David Christophere (of Rabbit in The Moon) & Decoding Jesus vs MelleeFresh & Keoki – “SLEAZEE”, released on PLAY DIGITAL, other remixers for this release include Dirtyloud, and Jerome Robbins.

The youngest brother of Dance music LEGEND, Superstar Dj Keoki, Miko Franconi has been living up to his name the moment he stepped up to the decks. His choices in music by far reflect the fact that he has been a member of electronic dance music movement since toddler years. He takes the long route to the climactic part of a set, (or to look at it differently, its one long climax!! , SoundSex). Laying down songs with melodic hooks, and face-melting basslines, traveling from techno, to electro, to breaks, (and sometimes dub-step, which he fondly refers to as dub-SEX) he teases the crowd before making that rise to total dancefloor madness. This is a true sign of a masterful dj, and Miko has worked his way into our hearts via dance music. He has worked his dj’ing skills in clubs spanning across the states, from NY, Miami, Denver to LA, including Ultra Music Festival (WMC 2010 Miami), The Church (top-5 clubs in US), Beta (Beatport owned) and MEGA CLUBS Bar Standard and FUTURE LA Underground. Miko Franconi began his dj career back in 1998, spinning side beside his brother Kekoa, a legend in the music industry himself (owner/operator of Superstar Productions). When Miko and Koa teamed up, as an opening act for Keoki, back in 1998, under the name Kibbles N’ Beats, the scene knew that techno music was yet to be changed with THESE Franconi brothers attacking dance floors. Music is definitely a force in this family. Miko is also the younger brother of Hawaii celebrity and radio personality Maleko.

Miko Franconi is back behind the lights and in dj booths yet again after a long hiatus to “gather his strength,” and he’s doing it with a vengeance, as if he knows that he has a lot to live up to, and believe me, he has “Superstar” written all over him! Having been interviewed in 808SceneZine and on over a dozen radio interviews from Hawaii to Florida, Miko has set his sights for the top, and we all have a chance to witness the rise. When you see (and feel) how naturally he makes the dancefloor move.. you too will be a believer.. the Franconi Legacy has much more in store for us.