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The Story so far:

it started in about 1997 at the attic of Sounder with a 4 channel program called Protacker on the Amiga 500.

Later in 1998 he bought himself a real pc with a soundblaster card in it and a Fasttracker II program.

When Sounder met Jo-I from LAP01 in 1999 he really started to get interested in techno music ( as a matter of fact, it was his first contact with techno ).

He started to expand till he got the home studio he has now.

But he wanted more. He also started spinning the turntables. Started with trance and clubmusic, but now plays techno with a great amount of variety.

At the end of 1999 he played at his first party which was a club party in the swimmingparadise of Kardinge with Kalmani and Pronti but already then he ended his set with some good techno records and the audience loved it. In 2000 he had his first techno performance in Simplon at a Technotica night with performances from LAP01 and Catagory D. and others. After that he was asked several times to play in the afterclub Nieuwe Unie were he played progressive trance records with the Fly and Ramiro. In 2001 he had a couple of performances at Platformtheater, Rancid Techno and Techno Event with Ven, Luca, Andy Jay, Lexicon and more.

In 2002 It started to speed up with bookings. He played at Zapclub in Simplon, Troubadour, Pleidooi, Aabcdancecafé for Bassmentality and Grote Markt Groningen at the WK Bobstart event.

In 2002 Sounder also organized his very first technoparty in the Jarabi Kuta building in Groningen with DJs Jan Liefhebber, Mark Generator and of course himself in the lineup.

In 2003 Sounder is still getting bigger. He performed several times at small parties like Kult and a party in a warehouse, bigger parties like New Attraction Festival at Kardingeplas and at Technotica parties in Simplon Groningen, Ultimate Techno in Utrecht, Planet Rose Highland Beats Label party at Doornroosje Nijmegen with names like Frank Lorber from (Cocoon/Germany), Damian Keane, Benjamin Bates, Berry van Gardingen, Floornoiz, Frank Sonic, PE 1, etc.

2003 was also the year of Technoise the 2nd edition. For this event he had chosen Platformtheater as location and booked DJs Floornoiz, Hansz, Ven & Luca and himself.

2004 is a year where Sounder keeps on growing. He has the change to play with big names like Mark Broom from the UK and Lady Aida from Rebelbass.

Sounder is now also active as drum and bass DJ under the alias Subblazer. He has teamed up with DJ Silvahfonk, known from Subsonik parties and Complex Beats and together they organize monthly drum and bass nights in Kult.

Over the years Sounder proves that he has the quality to spin the right records at the right time to bring the crowd to a high peak and end it with a bang!


Platformtheater Groningen, Simplon Groningen, Troubadour Groningen, ACL Lewenborg, Nieuwe Unie, Groningen, Kardinge Groningen, Jarabi Kuta Paddepoel, Grote Markt Groningen, Café ’t Pleidooi Groningen, Target lasergame Groningen, Trefpunt Beijum, Aabcdancecafé Groningen, Oog radio (Megabeat Club), Radio Assen Vibes fm, Flowerdome Eelde, Nautic radio (Technomania, (E)Art(H)Noise, Intermezzo Music, Streaming Elements), Café Kult Groningen, de Link Groningen, Shadrak Groningen, Zaal de Sport Horst Noord Limburg, de Inhof Utrecht, Doornroosje Nijmegen….

Played with:

Lady Aida, Mark Broom (Pure Plastic/UK), Frank Sonic (Ger.), PE 1 (Fr), Frank Lorber (Cocoon/GER), Floornoiz, Berry van Gardingen, Jan Liefhebber (Highland Beats/Body Art Form/Klirfactor), DJ Hansz, Benjamin Bates, Andy Jay, Bobby V, Dan E, Mark Generator, Ven (Trinity in Technoland), Luca (Trinity in Technoland), LAP01, Pronti, Kalmani, Miss Mana, The Fly, Dimitry, Rutger Hood, Thee J Johansz, K.Cee (ID&T/Kreislauf), Nagual, R.A.T., Rohbadobh, William S, Ramiro, Balgentraeder, Catagory D, Devlin Ross, Damian Keane, Spilly, Invite and many more…