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Welcome to my profile,

I was born in Lithuania, Kedainiai (city) in 1994.01.24. i fell in love with music back in 2004, after 2008 i found out how to create music on the pc so, i started my production in 2009. First tracks wasnt so good, they sounded like poly music like on the old phones, but in the time i got better. I know my music is not the best, but there is some people out there who support me and like what i do, i do my music in my spare time, education takes a first place. I love producing electro house genre songs also trance. If anyone want my songs or want to work on them sirously or want to put them in the album or something like that, just let me know! thanks for reading and visiting my profile.

Check out my music, dont forget to leave a comment, enjoy!