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Seattle, United States


SRPDS, Taurine Records
Soulkid Beatport


DJ Soulkid got his first gigs in the late 80’ during the first wave of the techno-rave invasion in clubs and underground warehouse parties in the Southeast. Being from Florida, DJ SoulKid was influenced strongly by going to the now legendary Orlando clubs, Aahz, Mars, The Abyss, The Edge, and Barbarella, and hearing the up and coming djs of back then, like Kimball Collins, Andy Hughes, DJ Icee (now DJ Icey), D-Xtreme, etc.

Wanting to promote the progressive house/trance and funky breaks sounds of Florida, he formed a production crew called U.S.E. (United Souls of Energy) Posse in 1989. He started holding parties in South Carolina and Georgia, where he exposed just that. With that kind of publicity, he started getting notoriety and was sharing the “wheels of steel” with the likes of Scott Henry, Feelgood, Keoki, On-e (from Dee-Lite), Andy Hughes, etc., and acts like Ministry of Sound, Cosmic Baby, Moby, Prodigy, Lords of Acid, Dee-Lite, and Orbital. With more and more underground parties popping up, he was spinning at venues from the East coast to the West Coast, including huge events that were milestones, like Ravestock, Raveland, and Stellar Outback. As icing on his growing dj’ing career, promoters were booking him at international venues as well, playing in Tokyo, Thailand, and recently in Manila, Philippines.

Along with these events, he hosted and DJed his own college radio show for five years at WSBF-Clemson, SC. He further enhanced his production abilities at the station by becoming Production Manager for two years, then becoming the Dance College Music Director, and ultimately the Head College Music Director. He was featured in several local newspapers as a budding underground talent. With a business mind set now, he started expanding his relationships that went beyond raves and clubs. Record stores, skate shops, and clothing stores, especially DJ Liquid’ store Remix, funded and sponsored many of his underground parties as a way to promote this new “culture”.

As his list of events grew, so did the Posse. Starting out with five members in 1989, U.S.E. has grown to some twenty plus members all across the US and Canada, including a spin-off crew called Annex of Soul (A.O.S.) based in Denver, CO. Although the styles of each Posse member might be diverse now, the same “soulful presence” is noticeable in all their music selections and mixing. This seems to be the trademark of the group that DJ SoulKid has imprinted upon the entire Posse.

When he finished college with a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics, he went to graduate school to study Software Engineering but found Information Technology to be the true calling for his technical skills. In 1998, He decided to move to Silicon Valley to be in the hub of the tech boom and a chance to further promote the Florida sounds.

In 1999, DJ SoulKid founded the monthly event DeLicious at 550 Barneveld, where again he obtained Florida djs like Huda Hudia and Alanna Davis to help increase the Florida influence. Along with Delicious, he helped launched other monthlies called Magic 8-Ball, Valentine’, and Fuse that promoted even more of the Florida Grooves. As an online Electromagnetic resident DJ for, he was able to reach a wider audience through live webcasts.

Having recently transplanted to Seattle, he is still on the path of spreading more of the Florida beats to the Pacific Northwest.

Hard working and very diligent, he continues to bring the “Soul” of the music to his audience by spinning The Florida Grooves that leaves the audience frenzying for more. To this date, DJ SoulKid has proven to be a veteran DJ in the Florida funky breaks and progressive house/trance genre and an innovator of what’ to come in the future.